Operation Shanela aims to dismantle illegal mining activities

Operation Shanela aims to dismantle illegal mining activities

Gauteng Provincial Commissioner Lieutenant General Tommy Mthombeni recently successfully conducted another Operation Shanela focused on dismantling illegal mining activities in the West Rand district.

A multi-disciplinary operation involving the South African Police Service, the South African National Defence Force, the Department of Home Affairs, Gauteng Traffic Police and other law enforcement agencies took place in Kagiso, West Rand, an area where illegal mining is rife.

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Provincial police spokesperson Lieutenant Colonel Mavela Masondo said: “The operation started with a roadblock where police were searching for stolen or hijacked vehicles and other illicit goods being transported on the roads. A Toyota Corolla that had been reported stolen in Pretoria was recovered at the roadblock and the driver was arrested. More than 40 other suspects were arrested for crimes such as illegal mining, illegal immigration and drug possession. Police seized a significant number of tools used in illegal mining.”

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These disruptive operations will continue in Gauteng, and police are calling on residents to report such activities as most of them take place under close community surveillance.