Shoplifting suspect tried to hide stolen items in New Milton garden

Shoplifting suspect tried to hide stolen items in New Milton garden

ONE of three suspected shoplifters arrested in New Milton last week had tried to hide stolen goods in a garden.

Neighborhood police officers were searching for two suspects in connection with a reported store robbery that day when another raised the alarm that a large quantity of merchandise had been stolen.

Police have made arrests after two shoplifting incidents were reported (Photo: Stock Image)

After posting his report online, Sergeant Arron Wood thanked team member PC Appleby for using his intuition to search an area far from the city centre.

This led to the location and arrest of a man matching the description of the suspect in the second shoplifting incident on Jowitt Drive.

Assisted by a colleague from Lyndhurst District Policing Team, Constables Appleby and Evans spotted the two suspects in the first shoplifting incident as they were en route to police custody.


The couple, one of whom was also a potential suspect in two other shoplifting incidents in the town in the last eight days, were walking along Gore Road towards Walkford.

Sergeant Wood wrote: “On seeing Constable Evans exit the van, the other man took a bag containing the goods allegedly stolen from his friend and attempted to hide it in a nearby garden, but he was spotted by officers and the goods were recovered, with the security tags still intact.”

Two men were subsequently charged with shoplifting offences, and a third man was made the subject of a community resolution measure for handling stolen goods.

The team’s busy day continued with work on an urgent case involving another suspect linked to several investigations, who was in another detention center.

This has led to a man being charged with a number of offences in the New Milton area in recent weeks.

In a message posted online afterwards, Sgt Arron Wood wrote: “We know we haven’t talked much about the work we do here at New Milton NPT lately, but rest assured the team works incredibly hard and is often late due to the work we do.


“Most of the suspects the team is dealing with are repeat offenders and so we will seek to pursue them vigorously through the courts.”

Sergeant Wood was keen to assure people that the team were dealing with a wide range of incidents, as well as shoplifting.

People with crimes or suspicious activity to report are urged to contact officers online at or by calling 101.