Creek County Armed Robbery Suspect Arrested After Tulsa Standoff

Creek County Armed Robbery Suspect Arrested After Tulsa Standoff

A man is in custody after an hours-long standoff with Oklahoma Highway Patrol in Tulsa.

Officers said they stopped a man because he and another man, Stephen Pool, were not wearing seat belts. Pool fled into the driver’s house and refused to come out.

Police say Pool is wanted for armed robbery in Creek County, something Wadley said he didn’t know when he hired Pool to help with household chores.

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Wadley said Pool helped him clean up around his Tulsa home this summer.

Wadley said the two men were on their way to put air in their tire when they were stopped by OHP.

“I guess an officer was sitting there and I guess he recognized Stephen through the window, so he threw the lights on me, and I pulled over to Waffle House,” Wadley said.

But Oklahoma Highway Patrol says Wadley was stopped because neither he nor Pool were wearing seat belts.

Wadley said the officer asked him to get out of the car once he stopped.

“He was ready to release my information, Stephen opened the door of the van and started running and this officer chased him on foot,” Wadley said.

Wadley said that while he was next to the police car, he heard something on the scanner about where Pool was running.

“I said, man, come back to my place again,” Pool said.

Police say Pool went inside and refused to come out for about an hour.

Witnesses claim to have seen Pool point a garden hose at a police officer.

“The officer said don’t do that, and they ended up in a standoff with a hose and a gun, and the guy with the hose was obviously winning,” Wadley said.

Pool was later arrested.

Officer Preston Cox says it’s rewarding when a traffic stop results in someone being taken into custody with a warrant, even if it’s not easy.

“He’ll have his day in court and, again, if there are victims, there could be some closure,” said Preston Cox, OHP public information officer.

Cox said Pool was taken to the hospital to make sure he wasn’t injured.

When News On 6 asked Wadley if he was upset about the whole situation, he replied, “It happens.”