Court found two guilty of organized crime

A Tbilisi court has found the two defendants guilty of organized crime. The court accepted the evidence presented by the prosecution to convict the defendants.


It is worth noting that the court found both defendants guilty of belonging to an organized gang, which was also guilty of numerous antisocial activities. At the same time, the Tbilisi City Court shared the evidence after the decision. All evidence was collected and presented by the prosecutor’s office after a proper investigation of the case.

The investigation revealed that all members of the “world of thieves” contacted representatives of many companies and other entrepreneurs. They mainly targeted people employed in the territory of “Lilo Mall”. Then they organized “thieves’ meetings” and forced the victim to send them a large sum of money as well.

It is shocking to know that to make the incident real, the car of one victim was also set on fire and another victim was shot dead to give a false version of events. After the completion of the initial formalities, the prosecutor’s office officials charged the accused under various articles of the Georgian Criminal Code.

Both defendants were charged under Part 1 of Article 223 of the Georgian Criminal Code. This is an offence involving more than one person. The other two persons were charged under Article 223 (supporting the activities of the “thieves’ world”).

The court sentenced one of the defendants to nine years in prison for belonging to the group “Thief’s World”. The other defendant was also sentenced to three years and six months in prison. The court did, however, release one person, but the prosecution announced that it would also appeal the acquittal of this person.

On the other hand, the investigation agencies are conducting further investigations to extract the real truth behind this whole conspiracy.