How to Increase Your Property’s Curb Appeal, Even on a Budget

How to Increase Your Property’s Curb Appeal, Even on a Budget

We’re all drawn to curb appeal, glancing in awe at those homes with their well-kept gardens or impressive driveways. It’s all too easy to forget about the exterior of our homes, but if we’re going to invest time and money into the interior, it’s important to give the outside some love too – it really can be the cherry on the cake! So where do we start?

First, establish your budget

It is essential that you know how much resources you have available. This will help you focus on your priorities and decide what to invest in.

Consider your motivation

Is it to put a smile on your face every time you come home? Or are you looking to create a good first impression in order to sell? The answer will influence some of your decisions.

Know your limits

There are plenty of easy DIY solutions to transform the exterior of your home, but some jobs may require professional help, so be realistic and budget for expert help if necessary.

Chat with your neighbors!

You’ve probably noticed features you like in neighboring homes, like landscaping or trash bins. Why not knock on the door and ask for recommendations for local craftsmen or suppliers who might be helpful?

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Low-cost curb appeal

If you’re on a budget, consider these simple ways to spruce things up.

1. Paint your front door

      Choose a color that suits you and reflects what you like. And for a harmonious look, match it to the palette of your interior.

      Need a new front door? If you’re on a budget, save money by purchasing a door from a company like Howdens, which offers brilliant options at reasonable prices, and enhance the appearance by investing in a beautiful paint job and stylish door hardware.

      2. Number your house in style

      Mark your home as one of the most stylish on the street with a custom plaque or number. Etsy has plenty of options.

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      3. Declutter your hallway

      The hallway sets the tone for the rest of the home. When you walk through the door, you want to feel relaxed and happy to be home, so make sure it’s tidy and there’s somewhere to put everything. Piles of shoes and boots cluttering up the hallway don’t make a good impression. Get rid of them all by investing in an outdoor shoe rack. Garden Trading has a good selection in a variety of sizes.

      4. Add plants

      Go green! Natural greenery really softens the appearance of your home’s façade and can help to conceal less attractive but necessary features such as bin sheds or even your car. Bluum offers a range of bespoke bin and log sheds with plantable green roofs.

      Laurus nobilis, Noble laurel

      Laurus nobilis, Noble laurel
      Credits: Thompson & Morgan

      Laurel is an ideal plant for the front door

      How to bring your design to life

      Don’t embark on a major project without checking out these great services, recommended by Andrew: they’ll help you bring ideas as big as your imagination to life!

      1. Back to front exterior design consulting can transform the entire look of your home:

        2. The paving planner Bradstone’s is a free tool for planning a patio or driveway:

        3. Marshalls Garden Visualizer allows you to create your ideal 3D garden design:

        4. If you have a period tiled driveway that has seen better days, check out ourt The Vintage Floor Tile Company And Lassco before taking it apart. These recovery specialists have a wealth of evolving stock and could offer you parts that will allow you to repair it.

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        Dragonfly Shaped Brass Door Knocker with Brass Finish Ring
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