Clark County Sergeant Charged With Child Exploitation in Taylor County

Clark County Sergeant Charged With Child Exploitation in Taylor County

Jeremy Chapman blackmailed a teenage girl into sending him suggestive photos and video chatting, court documents show.

MEDFORD — A 39-year-old Clark County Sheriff’s Office sergeant faces four felony charges after a 16-year-old girl reported a man blackmailed and threatened her to obtain suggestive photos.

Jeremy D. Chapman, of Spencer, is charged in Taylor County with sexual exploitation of a child, child enticement, threatening to communicate derogatory information and solicitation of intimate representation of a minor.

Chapman appeared before Taylor County Court Commissioner Greg Krug on June 12. Krug ordered Chapman to sign a $10,000 surety bond and a $2,500 cash bond. Charges were filed against Chapman on July 1, and he made his first appearance on July 2.

According to the criminal complaint, a 16-year-old girl told a Taylor County detective that she accepted a Snapchat friend request from a man about a week or two before Christmas. The man told the teen his name was Caleb, that he was from Wausau and that he was a college student.

The girl said she sent the man photos of her face, and he sent her a photo of a man who appeared to be college-age, but the photo appeared old and had not been created with Snapchat, according to the complaint. The girl said the photos “evolved into other things.”

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The girl said the man wanted pictures of her without clothes, according to the complaint. She said he sent him pictures of herself in a bra and panties. The man promised the girl he would send her money and gifts in exchange for sending her the pictures, according to the complaint. He never paid her or offered her any gifts.

The girl said the man wanted pictures of certain parts of her body, including her breasts and buttocks, according to the complaint. She added that he knew how old she was because she told him she was 16 when they began chatting.

The girls said the man lied to her about many things and that his story changed over time. She also told the detective that the man threatened and blackmailed her into sending him inappropriate photos and joining him on an online video chat program, according to the complaint.

The girl said the man constantly threatened to send her photos to school staff and show them to her friends at school, according to the complaint. She said the man also threatened to rape her and claimed to have raped another girl the year before.

The girl said she would be filmed and videotaped during the video chats, but the audio would be muted. The man did not have his camera turned on, so she never saw him on video. She said they would text each other while he also watched her on video, according to the complaint. The girl said the man would give her directions and also order her to undress on camera.

The girl said she didn’t want to do those things, but she was afraid. She deleted the man from her Snapchat account, but he added her back. The girl said the man apologized to her and said he was actually in his 50s, married, and had a daughter a year younger than the girl. He said his wife had died. A person claiming to be the man’s daughter befriended the girl and told her she was afraid she would lose her father if the girl told the authorities about him.

The girl said the man told her to go to the school locker room. He told her there was a group of men in the locker room waiting to assault her, according to the complaint. The girl asked a friend to accompany her to the school office so she could report the man.

Police traced the man’s IP addresses to Chapman’s home in Spencer, his parents’ home and Loyal City Hall. The detective went to Chapman’s home, but he didn’t answer the door, so he left his card. He also went to Chapman’s parents’ home in Marshfield and left his card there. Chapman called the detective to ask what was going on.

When the detective tried to arrange a meeting with Chapman, he became evasive. When the detective explained to Chapman what the matter was about, Chapman responded that he would have time to talk to the detective because he was going to be suspended from his job.

The detective had heard a police radio in the background while he was talking on the phone with Chapman. Chapman told the detective he was a patrol sergeant with the Taylor County Sheriff’s Office. The detective knew that would have given Chapman access to the internet at Loyal City Hall, according to the complaint.

When agents checked Chapman’s computers and phones, they found searches regarding when IP addresses change and laws related to inappropriate behavior with minors.

If convicted, Chapman faces a total of 72 years in prison, with a minimum of five years.

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