JT joins GSMA Open Gateway to combat global telecom fraud

JT joins GSMA Open Gateway to combat global telecom fraud

JT has announced its new role as a GSMA Open Gateway Partner. This partnership allows JT to leverage its extensive experience in anti-fraud and identification solutions within the telecommunications industry to support the GSMA’s efforts to combat fraud and cybercrime globally.

The GSMA Open Gateway initiative marks a major step forward for the telecommunications industry, enabling developers to access mobile operators’ global networks via standardised network application programming interfaces (APIs). The framework aims to simplify service integration, reduce development costs and drive innovation across the industry.

Henry Calvert, Chief Network Officer, GSMA, explained the importance of the initiative. “GSMA Open Gateway is a framework of common network APIs that provide developers with universal access to operator networks. Backed by mobile network operators representing two-thirds of the global market, it enables developers to rapidly enhance and deploy services on these networks via single access points to the world’s largest connectivity platform,” said Calvert.

He added: “This framework marks an important milestone in global mobile identity verification, equipping enterprises with advanced tools to enhance security, reduce fraud and improve user experience, in line with the GSMA’s global Open Gateway initiative.”

For businesses, the initiative promises faster time to market for new services, easier global deployment and reduced operational costs, improving their return on investment. Mobile network operators are expected to benefit from new revenue streams by monetizing network data.

Clare Messenger, Head of Mobile Intelligence at JT, highlighted the importance of the partnership: “JT’s involvement as a GSMA Open Gateway Channel Partner underlines our commitment to innovation and excellence in the telecommunications industry. This partnership will enable us to deliver advanced solutions, driving global advancements in fraud prevention and identity management. It also allows us to extend our industry-leading Mobile Intelligence solutions to more organisations and developers.”

JT has already developed leading mobile intelligence solutions to mitigate financial fraud and identity theft, such as ScamSignal and MoneyGuard. These solutions use big data to address the growing risks in these areas. The partnership with GSMA is expected to further enhance JT’s offering by enabling the extension of these solutions to a broader audience of organizations and developers.

The unified ecosystem facilitated by the GSMA Open Gateway initiative is expected to help unlock the full potential of 5G networks. It will enable enterprises to launch innovative services that fully exploit the capabilities of these advanced networks.

The collaboration between JT and GSMA Open Gateway represents a major step forward in the telecommunications industry, with a focus on enhanced security and streamlined integration of global services. Leveraging standardized APIs and expanded network access, the partnership aims to drive innovation, reduce costs and improve fraud prevention measures, benefiting developers and mobile network operators worldwide.