Rush Hospital Program Seeks to Train Hairdressers to Use Narcan in Opioid Overdoses

The program aims to train hairdressers and beauticians to use Narcan

The program aims to train hairdressers and beauticians in the use of Narcan


CHICAGO (CBS) — A prominent Chicago medical professional is on a mission to educate everyone about Narcan, the life-saving treatment for opioid overdose.

Keisha House, deputy director of the RUSH Substance Use Disorder Center, led a community forum Tuesday aimed at getting people informed and talking about opioid overdoses.

The event was held at Larry’s Barber College in Roseland for a reason. House said people trust their barbers and great communication happens when they sit in those chairs.

She wants barbers in training to talk to their customers, keep Narcan in their shops and learn how to use it.

“When we came up with this hair and beauty salon concept, some people didn’t understand, right? They were trying to figure out why they were going to the hairdresser and stuff like that, and I said, ‘Well, my beautician knows everything about my job. We talk about everything,’” she said. “I’m here to give you all the knowledge to help someone and to save someone’s life.”

The forum included a demonstration of Narcan use and even tips on what to say to a 9-1-1 operator if you witness an overdose.

House is also working hard to get Narcan into churches, schools and other places where it is not yet available.