‘They treat us like trash’: Mumbai hit-and-run victim’s husband slams Maharashtra govt, questions timing of arrest

‘They treat us like trash’: Mumbai hit-and-run victim’s husband slams Maharashtra govt, questions timing of arrest

The arrest of Mihir Shah, son of a prominent political leader from Maharashtra’s Palghar district, has drawn attention to a tragic hit-and-run accident that claimed the life of Kaveri Nakhwa. The incident took place early Sunday morning when Kaveri and her husband Pradeep Nakhwa were returning home after buying fish from Sassoon Dock. “He was arrested after three days, what does it mean? If he was not an alcoholic, if he had not taken drugs, then why did he hide?… Why did he abscond for three days? You abandoned the vehicle on the way and broke the number plate before fleeing… now after three days, there will be no trace of alcohol in his body and he will have 20 lawyers with him,” a teary-eyed Pradeep Nakhwa said.

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Pradeep Nakhwa vividly recalls the horrific moment his wife was dragged under the wheels of Shah’s BMW: “He dragged her (under the wheels) in front of me. There is no one for us,” he said in tears.

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Expressing deep concerns over the upcoming legal proceedings, Nakhwa lamented the hardships faced by the family: “We are poor. Who is there to support us or to give us justice? Today, he will be sent to jail. Tomorrow, he will be produced in court and then he will be released on bail. He will be released and this case will drag on. Where will we get the money (to fight the case)? How will we hire a lawyer? Who is there for us? Politicians do not care about us. He (the accused) is the son of a leader. We have nothing.”

Maharashtra Chief Minister Eknath Shinde responded to the public outcry by promising that justice would prevail regardless of wealth or influence: “No one, whether rich, influential or the son of bureaucrats or ministers, affiliated to any party, will be granted immunity as long as I am the chief minister.”

“We, the public, are trash to them,” Nakhwa said, breaking down on camera.

“These party leaders will not do anything, he is the son of their leader. He is a big person who can buy anyone… Who is on our side? Did Fadnavis or Shinde come to our house to know what happened? Did Ajit Pawar come? They have all become blinded by their lust for power… They come to meet the public only to beg for votes and then they forget,” Nakhwa said.

“She was dragged before my eyes. The accused claims to have reversed… If he had reversed, would she not have survived?

Newly released CCTV footage details the sequence of events, showing Kaveri Nakhwa being dragged by Shah’s vehicle for 1.5 kilometres. The footage also shows Shah and his companion dragging Kaveri out of the car before reversing it again.

Nakhwa’s daughter Amruta Nakhwa made an emotional plea for justice: “My mother must get justice. I want him (Mihir Shah) to be sentenced to death. She (the victim) was in a lot of pain, I saw her with my own eyes, in the hospital.”

Despite the arrests and ongoing legal proceedings, concerns remain about the fairness of the legal process and the family’s ability to obtain justice in the face of formidable political connections and resources.

The tragic incident not only devastated the Nakhwa family, but also sparked a wider debate about justice, accountability and the treatment of ordinary citizens within the legal framework.

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