Let’s reject the right’s “Project 2025” plan to end our democracy

Let’s reject the right’s “Project 2025” plan to end our democracy

Another Trump presidency would be a disaster for countless reasons, but one in particular doesn’t get enough attention: Project 2025 – the right-wing plan to overthrow our democracy and establish authoritarianism.

The ultra-conservative Heritage Foundation and many other Trump MAGA allies are behind Project 2025, and the plan, if Trump is elected president, includes:

  • Making the President All-Powerful by Removing Checks and Balances
  • Replacing thousands of long-time government employees who are experts in their fields with MAGA-approved handymen and rubber stamps for Trump
  • Put independent agencies like the Justice Department under Trump’s control, so he can exact revenge on his political enemies
  • Reduce or eliminate federal agencies like the Department of Education
  • Cut essential programs like Social Security, eliminate reproductive freedoms and much more.

Trump tries to distance himself from this fascist playbook, pretending to know nothing about it, but that is a lie. We must do everything we can to stop Project 2025 from infiltrating our government and destroying our democracy.

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