Job scams increased by 118% in 2023 thanks to artificial intelligence

Job scams increased by 118% in 2023 thanks to artificial intelligence

According to a report from the Identity Theft Resource Center, the number of job scams increased by 118% in 2023. Artificial intelligence played a role in this increase, as scammers used it to create realistic-looking online job postings.

“In 2023 and into early 2024, we saw an increase in the number of identity thieves creating fake job postings on legitimate networking and job search sites, tricking victims into applying for jobs. Bad actors created professional-looking LinkedIn profiles, or profiles on job boards, with live websites for fake companies, or impersonated legitimate companies and used a fake name or the name of a former employee to set up interviews,” the ITRC wrote.

Once the victim applied for the job, the scammers moved the rest of the process off the original platform, contacting them via email, text message, or a third-party messaging app. They then asked the candidate to fill out additional paperwork, asking for personal information and proof of identity.

With this information in hand, scammers have everything they need to steal the applicant’s identity.

According to the Federal Trade Commission, consumers lost an average of $2,000 to job scams in 2022. The agency said consumers reported losing $367 million to job scams, a 76% increase from 2021.

The FTC said one of the best ways to avoid getting scammed is to do your own research on a job posting before sending them your personal information.

“Don’t accept any job offer until you verify it. Scammers pose as well-known or smaller companies and post jobs on job boards, so contact the company directly using contact information you know is legitimate,” the FTC said.