Alarming HIV crisis emerges in Tripura as 828 students affected

Alarming HIV crisis emerges in Tripura as 828 students affected

Agartala: In a concerning development, a recent report from Tripura has revealed that 828 students have tested HIV-positive, resulting in 47 fatalities. This data was collected from 164 health facilities across the state.

The Tripura State AIDS Control Society (TSACS) has primarily attributed this crisis to intravenous drug use among students, as reported by TOI. “We have identified students from 220 schools and 24 colleges and universities involved in injectable drug abuse,” a TSACS official stated.

The most affected students come from affluent families, often with parents in government service, who were unaware of their children’s drug use until it was too late.

HIV/AIDS remains a major global health issue, closely linked to intravenous drug use, with needle sharing being a primary mode of transmission. Key factors contributing to this include risky injection practices, limited access to sterile needles, and the marginalization of drug users.

This situation underscores the urgent need for harm reduction strategies, such as needle exchange programs, to combat the spread of the virus. These programs provide sterile equipment, counseling, and addiction treatment referrals to reduce infection risk.

Despite these efforts, challenges such as stigma, legal barriers, and complex social factors persist. Comprehensive approaches integrating public health, social services, and community engagement are essential to effectively address this issue.