Cork woman arrested for shoplifting sentenced to five months in jail

Cork woman arrested for shoplifting sentenced to five months in jail

Two shoplifting incidents in Cork city – involving sportswear worth almost €1,000 – have led to a 39-year-old woman being jailed for five months.

Although there were some mitigating circumstances in Deirdre O’Sullivan’s life, Judge Mary Dorgan said what was not impressive was the fact the defendant had only been released from prison when she committed the new robberies.

Sergeant John Kelleher said the defendant had 211 previous convictions, including 81 for theft.

When the case first came to light, it was through a bail application by the accused and an objection by the police. Bail was denied and the accused immediately pleaded guilty to the crimes committed and requested to be sentenced.

Lawyer Shane Collins-Daly said Ms O’Sullivan had a long history of drug addiction and recent mental health issues. He added there were people in her family who looked out for her and wanted the best for her.

Ranger Ronan O’Sullivan said the robberies took place on July 2 and again on July 8.

In her bail application, Ms O’Sullivan said she would be prepared to avoid shops and Cork city centre and to abstain from consuming intoxicants. The police’s main concern was that she would commit further offences.

She stole clothing worth €207 from Lifestyle Sports, St Patrick’s Street, Cork, on July 8, and goods worth €770 from JD Sports, St Patrick’s Street, Cork, on July 2.

Judge Dorgan said at the end of the bail application: “I have listened carefully to the objection to bail. Two major thefts. The guards believe she will commit further offences. It is very worrying. I have no choice but to remand her in custody.”

Faced with this refusal, the accused pleaded guilty and asked to be sentenced immediately. Judge Dorgan said: “What is not impressive is that she has just been released from prison. I will sentence her to five months in prison on both counts.”