4 Native Americans Arrested in Texas, Police Bust Labor Trafficking Ring, 15 Women Rescued

4 Native Americans Arrested in Texas, Police Bust Labor Trafficking Ring, 15 Women Rescued

Four Indian-Americans, including a woman, were arrested in the US state of Texas on Monday for allegedly organizing a labor trafficking operation. The Princeton Police Department provided details of an investigation that led to the arrest of four individuals after 15 women were identified as alleged victims of labor trafficking, according to Fox4News.com.

Chandan Dasireddy, 24, Dwaraka Gunda, 31, Santhosh Katkoori, 31, and Anil Male, 37, arrested in March, are charged with human trafficking, a second-degree felony. More arrests are expected, the network reported, citing police.

The administration discovered that all the young women living under the same roof were forced to sleep on the floor of a home on Ginsburg Lane in Collin County, Princeton. “There was virtually no furniture inside the home, the heart of the human trafficking operation, just a pile of electronics and blankets,” police said.

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Another news portal, McKinney Courier-Gazette, reported that Princeton Police Department officers were dispatched to a residence for a welfare issue and suspicious circumstance on March 13. “After further investigation into the initial report, Princeton Police detectives obtained a search warrant for the home of Santhosh Katkoori, where 15 adult females were located. During the investigation, it was discovered that the women were being forced to work for Katkoori and several programming shell companies owned by him and his wife, Dwaraka Gunda,” it said.

Princeton police say more than 100 additional people are involved, “more than half of whom are victims”

During the search, several laptops, cell phones, printers, and fraudulent documents were seized. It was discovered that forced labor was taking place at several locations in Princeton, Melissa, and McKinney, involving adult males. Additional laptops, cell phones, and documents were seized at these locations.

The initial problem was reported by a pest control company, which was called out for a possible bed bug infestation. “Once inside, the inspector noticed that in each room, there were 3 to 5 young females sleeping on the floor. There were also numerous suitcases. The company contacted police,” Fox4News.com added.

Princeton Police Sergeant Carolyn Crawford said more than 100 other people were involved, “more than half of them victims.” She did not specify what type of work operation was involved, though.