Review of the impact of cybercrime and online fraud

Review of the impact of cybercrime and online fraud

In our increasingly mobile-centric world, cybercrime and online fraud are increasing at an alarming rate, affecting millions of people across the globe.

A recent study reveals that one in four consumers have either been the victim of a cyberattack on a mobile app or know someone who has. Europe, in particular, is seeing a sharp rise in phishing and online scams, with Interpol reporting an increase in these malicious activities targeting vulnerable individuals. BDO in the UK also noted that fraud cases more than doubled last year to a staggering £2.3 billion, mainly due to phishing attacks and system breaches. These statistics highlight the sophisticated tactics employed by cybercriminals and the urgent need for businesses to strengthen their defences.

Chris Roeckl

Director of Products at Appdome.

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