Organized unit comes to fight crime

Organized unit comes to fight crime

In order to control the criminal situation, the government will establish a Serious Organised Crime Unit, which will be another law enforcement agency within the Barbados Police Service (TBPS).

This was announced by Prime Minister Mia Amor Mottley at a recent press conference held at the Ilaro Magistrates Court.

The Prime Minister revealed that the new unit would focus “entirely on organised crime and gangs, without prejudice to the work of the Major Crime Squad and any other unit in the police service”.

Prime Minister Mottley also revealed to the media in attendance that the unit was a key recommendation from the Independent International Police Assistance Service report, which was carried out by the UK Government and the Commonwealth Secretariat.

She added that temporary positions would be created for the unit, which will operate alongside existing police divisions.

Mottley argued:

“The reality is that in the last few weeks in particular, we have not seen a respite for about fifteen and a half months, we have seen an increase in crime where people who know each other have been victims of murder…”

“The Attorney General will also tell you that the police have indicated to him, in very clear terms, and perhaps they should do so more to the public, that in many cases the cases we see are not arbitrary crimes but cases where people know each other and where in some cases the word vendetta can even be used. That is not the way to deal with cases in this country. We have courts and so that cannot be tolerated under any circumstances…”

The Prime Minister also revealed that members of the Police Band will be deployed to assist the Government in its efforts to maintain order within the community. “We believe that the Barbados Police Band, which has a history of over a hundred years, is well placed to assist us in this effort.

Prime Minister Mottley added:

“If they need additional tools and other things to be put in place to give these young people a chance to have a purpose and gain skills at the same time, we will work with them to provide that to a number of communities.”