Man Asks Woman For Refund After She Refused On First Date, She Responds Savagely

Man Asks Woman For Refund After She Refused On First Date, She Responds Savagely

  • A man went viral on TikTok after asking a woman he dated for a refund when she rejected him
  • The woman’s calm response, asking for his bank account number, amused social media users.
  • The comments section mocked the man and celebrated the woman’s composure

A man’s unexpected proposal to a woman he dated has been making the rounds on TikTok and making people laugh.

Sad and mad, he looks at his phone sitting on a couch.
A man didn’t take rejection very well after a failed first date.
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Man demands refund after failed first date

A post shared by @ededdeddy7 shows a screenshot of a WhatsApp conversation in which the man asked the woman for a refund after she rejected him after their first date. He even asked her to hurry up.

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The woman responded by asking for his account number. It seems the dating game has reached new heights these days.

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Netizens praise the woman’s response

The post amused many netizens, who commented on how the calm woman did not hesitate to respond to the man’s request for a refund. Others mocked the man and his acerbic antics.

Pumpkin commented:

“Is the pressure increasing or decreasing?”

Boitumelo Makhubalo praised the woman:

“When she shows you she’s not a broke girl, 10 points to you ladies.”

samah replied:

“He took me out for a delicious pizza, I had a hamburger and I refused to go out with him. He asked me why I ordered food if I knew I was going to refuse.”

The Prince of Coffee replied:

“His friends who gave him this idea are here in the comments section rolling around laughing. Some people won’t get into heaven.”

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pammy_pamzo commented:

“The little girl is up on business.”

Miss Andrews replied:

“My ex bought me a phone. We had a fight and he asked me to give him his phone back. Two days later he wanted to give it back. I already bought a new one.”

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The text contained many grammatical errors, and one had to concentrate entirely on what the dissatisfied girlfriend was trying to say.

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