King Louis XIII’s historic rifle could fetch $425,000 at auction

King Louis XIII’s historic rifle could fetch 5,000 at auction

One item that will be up for auction soon is truly fit for royalty.

A pistol that belonged to King Louis XIII of France is headed to auction next month and is expected to fetch an impressive $425,000. The gold and silver-decorated wheellock sporting arm is one of the highlights of Rock Island Auction Company’s August auction, which runs from August 23-25.

Pat Garrett's Foal

Pat Garrett’s Foal

Rock Island Auction Company

“Our August auction is a pound-for-pound offering of the finest, most historic, rare and fine condition firearms that have been available in our estate,” Kevin Hogan, president of Rock Island Auction Company, said in a statement. “We have curated a group of the rarest and most historic pieces, and we are honored to offer the magnificent 400-year-old wheel lock from the Cabinet d’Armes of King Louis XIII. This is a tremendous opportunity that collectors may not see again.”

This is the first time the Louis XIII firearm will be available to the public, and it will be joined by a handful of other weapons that have only been sold privately in the past. A World War II-era Singer Model 1911A1 pistol could also fetch $425,000. That firearm has been identified as the personal sidearm of Lt. Col. Thomas R. Moss, who served as a pilot in the Army Air Forces. And a recently discovered Winchester could sell for $275,000. That gun, a Model 1886 called “the Marshfield Find,” is offered in its original case and with five boxes of ammunition.

101 Ranch Revolvers

101 Ranch Revolvers

Rock Island Auction Company

While these three pieces are causing a stir as they are being offered at public auction for the first time, there are others among the 1,800 lots on offer that are even more remarkable. An engraved and gilded Colt Thunderer could sell for $190,000. The revolver was given to Pat Garrett, the lawman who killed Billy the Kid, by his friends in El Paso, Texas. A pair of silver-plated Colt six-shot revolvers could fetch $180,000, thanks in part to their association with the historic 101 Ranch. And an engraved Tranter revolver that belonged to 19th-century detective W.A. Pinkerton could sell for a whopping $110,000.

Whether you want to roam the halls of the French royal palace or the saloons of the early American West, the RIAC auction is full of firearms that bring you a little closer to that past.