Ticketmaster warns North American customers after major hack

Ticketmaster warns North American customers after major hack

Ticketmaster has warned its North American customers about precautions to take following a major cyberattack in May. Overnight emails sent to Canadian users urged them to be vigilant against identity theft and fraud.

The breach, which affected 560 million customers worldwide, allowed hackers to steal personal data that is now being sold online. Despite repeated requests, Ticketmaster has not commented on the delay in notifying customers, attributing it to ongoing police investigations.

The hackers, known as ShinyHunters, are believed to have infiltrated Ticketmaster by stealing login details from its cloud storage provider, Snowflake, affecting more than 160 other customers, including Santander, whose 30 million customers in Chile, Spain and Uruguay were also compromised.

Following the breach, Ticketmaster advises monitoring bank statements and subscribing to identity monitoring services provided by the company. The company warns users of phishing emails that could exploit stolen data.

The hack exposed vulnerabilities in cloud storage security, and ShinyHunters demanded $500,000 for the stolen data. Cybersecurity firm Mandiant confirmed that Snowflake was not hacked, but that login credentials were obtained directly from each customer.

Despite the magnitude of the breach, Ticketmaster’s parent company Live Nation downplayed its impact on the company in filings with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission.