Influencer Esha’s death leads to arrests over cyberbullying incident

Influencer Esha’s death leads to arrests over cyberbullying incident

A significant breakthrough has been made in the investigation into Rajeswary ‘Esha’, a 30-year-old social media influencer who committed suicide. On July 8, 2024, a 35-year-old woman was arrested in connection with the cyberbullying that allegedly led to Esha’s tragic death.

Recent Arrest and Investigation Details

According to NST, Sentul Police Deputy Commissioner Ahmad Sukarno Mohd Zahari confirmed that the suspect was being held near Jalan Cempaka 2, Bukit Beruntung Golf Resort in Rawang. Before committing suicide, Esha had filed a police complaint with the Dang Wangi police station in Kuala Lumpur, revealing that she had been subjected to vulgar comments, defamatory statements and serious threats, including threats of injury, rape and death.

The investigation began with a tip from a 39-year-old man and focused on posts from TikTok accounts like “Dulal Brothers” and “Alphaquinnsha” that harassed Esha with abusive comments and her photos. The 35-year-old suspect is in custody until July 10, and authorities are also looking for another person linked to the case with the help of the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission.

Political and legal reactions

The arrest comes as citizens and politicians alike have been calling for more action against cyberbullying. Segamat MP R. As Yuneswaran called for stricter rules and urged the communications and digital ministries to take stronger action against online harassment, according to NST.

Communications Minister Fahmi Fadzil backed the call, announcing that a proposal to combat cyberbullying would be presented to the cabinet. Fahmi, who attended Esha’s funeral, stressed the government’s commitment to combating online abuse and urged the public to avoid posting harmful content.

Esha’s Heartbreaking Story

Esha’s death has brought to light the serious consequences of cyberbullying in Malaysia. Known for her inspirational quotes and beauty content, Esha faced relentless online harassment that ultimately led to her tragic end.

Influencer Arwind Kumar has shared her story in a heartwarming video explaining the relentless cyberbullying she faced. The video, which has been viewed over 1.4 million times, has sparked a national debate on the need to act against online harassment.

The Deadly Toll of Cyberbullying

Esha’s case is not an isolated one, as a similar case has happened before. Sinar Daily reports that two years ago, a 44-year-old mother of three also committed suicide due to severe online harassment on TikTok. Her account had been flooded with hateful comments about her appearance and handbag collections.

The incidents have prompted public figures and politicians to demand stricter measures to protect people from online abuse.

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Source: NST, Sinar Daily
Photo credits : Tick ​​Tock, Instagram
Video credits: Tick ​​Tock

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