Glendale police investigating shooting death of attempted robbery suspect – NBC Los Angeles

Glendale police investigating shooting death of attempted robbery suspect – NBC Los Angeles

An investigation is underway after police responded to a man shot in the middle of the street late Sunday night in Glendale.

Glendale police spent the entire night trying to figure out what happened. Some people initially thought it was a road rage incident, but now police say the two people they are looking for are the victims of a robbery and the man who was shot was trying to rob them.

Shortly before 11 p.m. Sunday night, families in the quiet Glendale North neighborhood heard a series of gunshots.

Police said several people called 911. More than a dozen neighbors came outside to find paramedics performing CPR on a man in the middle of Dryden Street near Brand Boulevard.

“I saw the paramedic doing chest compressions, furious, not knowing what was going on. And then a minute later they were covering him with a sheet,” said resident Terri Robertson.

While Glendale police are unable to say who the man is, they say their investigation has revealed the man was armed and attempting to rob two people sitting in an SUV when the driver shot and killed him.

“It’s a little bit of a weird situation. You don’t usually see this happen,” said Sgt. Vahe Abramyan, a spokesman for the Glendale Police Department.

Police said the shooter and a passenger in the SUV fled the scene. They are now being sought, but they are not charged with murder.

“Anything is possible, but at this stage it seems that they are victims,” ​​Abramyan said.

Some community members want to know the full story, but say that if the victims were actually being held at gunpoint, they would support a response.

“I would say they have to do it, I would say they have to do it, because crime is getting really crazy everywhere,” Robertson said.

“If someone finds themselves in a situation where their life or the life of another person is in danger, as a member of the community, as a citizen, I will do everything I can to protect myself and others,” Abramyan said. “You are ultimately responsible for the actions you commit, but if it is a life or death situation, it will be up to you to decide.”

Glendale police are urging the shooter and the passenger to contact them and anyone who may have information.