Greece rejects used US ships due to high overhaul costs

Greece rejects used US ships due to high overhaul costs

Greece has rejected a large portion of a consignment of US weapons including used ships, armored vehicles and military transport planes because of the high overhaul costs required to make them operational, local media reported Monday.

The Greek Navy has rejected four old LCS-class frigates, while the Army, after inspecting them, rejected 164 M2 Bradley infantry fighting vehicles that were in the stocks of the US Army and producer BAE, the Kathimerini daily reports.

Similarly, the Greek Air Force is unlikely to accept a group of C-130-H military transport aircraft, as they would require significant resources to become airworthy, he added.

The outlet added that it also remains to be seen whether Greece will participate in the US-led Constellation frigate building program, although Defense Minister Nikos Dendias has repeatedly stressed in recent weeks that Greece’s participation is being seriously considered.

According to the newspaper, the United States has prioritized Ukraine’s needs in the fight against Russian forces, making it difficult to meet the needs of its other allies from its stockpiles.