Springfield Police Seize Illegal Gun, Drugs, Cash After Traffic Stop

Springfield Police Seize Illegal Gun, Drugs, Cash After Traffic Stop

SPRINGFIELD — Springfield Police Department C3 officers confiscated an illegal firearm, more than 500 grams of crack cocaine and more than $22,000 in cash after a routine traffic stop on State Street Sunday night.

At approximately 5:50 p.m., officers stopped a vehicle due to a faulty brake light.

The driver, Aqil Rios-Thomas, 20, got out of the car in a parking lot and was arrested for not having a driver’s license.

Police later discovered a loaded gun in a bag next to the front passenger, Josiaha Ayala, 19.

The rear seat passenger, Samantha West, 39, of Newport, was also removed from the vehicle while the investigation continued.

Agents recovered $3,200 from Rios-Thomas and $3,000 from Ayala.

A search of the car yielded additional ammunition, marijuana, $16,500 in cash and a gun safe, which was unlocked using a key found on Rios-Thomas.

Inside the safe, police found large bags of crack cocaine.

In West’s purse, more crack cocaine and a double-edged knife were found.

The total amount of crack cocaine seized weighed approximately 588 grams, while the cash amounted to $22,853.

The three individuals were arrested and face multiple charges.

Ayala is charged with gun and drug offenses, including carrying a firearm without a license and cocaine trafficking.

Charges against Rios-Thomas include cocaine trafficking and driving without a license.

West is charged with cocaine trafficking, drug possession and carrying a dangerous weapon.